OB Producer - CNN Bastille Day 2017

A full week of lives and special programmes from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris for the annual Bastille Day celebrations and the visit of US President Donald Trump

James Frater Media Bastille Day


OB Producer - CNN Grenfell Fire

Two days producing live programmes from the scene of the Grenfell fire for CNN International​

James Frater Media CNN Grenfell

OB Producer - CNN Manchester Attacks

Produced four days of lives from outside 10 Downing covering the political and national security response to the Manchester attacks

James Frater Media CNN Manchester Attacks

OB Producer - CNN Prince Philip Retires

Day of lives outside Buckingham Palace Prince Philip announces he will step down from public engagements later this year.

James Frater Media Prince Philip CNN


OB Producer - CNN Westminster Attack 2017

Produced 3 days of lives from various locations around central London following the attack on Westminster Bridge and Parliament.

blog-17-03-22-london-attack

Producer - CNN European Cyber Crime

NATO, the EU and European governments were buffeted by thousands of cyber attacks in 2016, targeting some of their most sensitive data and ramping up the pressure on those manning the front line of the continent's digital defences. CNN was granted rare access to Europol's cybercrime centre where the blurring of lines between criminal and state sponsored activities is causing concern. The head of Europol's cyber crime centre shows CNN around and discusses the tactics being employed by today's hackers.

blog-17-03-12-europol

Producer - CNN Geneva Freedom Project

At the International School of Geneva one youth project is aiming to raise awareness of human trafficking by encouraging students to harness social media to create campaigns and initiatives of their own. As part of #MyFreedomDay CNN joins the teens in Switzerland in a coaching session where they are given the tools to understand and create a voice online to combat modern day slavery.

James Frater Media #MyFreedomDay

OB Producer - CNN Geneva Motor Show

Produced 2 days of lives, 8 interviews and 4 packages for CNN International and CNN Money from the Geneva International Motor Show.

James Frater Media CNN Geneva International Motor Show

Producer - CNN Heathrow Gatwick Decision Preview

The U.K. government issued its long-awaited decision on airport expansion on Tuesday, giving Heathrow the green light to build a third runway. The airport -- which is operating at around 99% capacity -- welcomes about 75 million passengers a year, making it one of the world's busiest travel hubs. The new runway should nearly double its capacity to 138 million passengers by 2050.

James Frater Media CNN Heathrow Gatwick

Producer - CNN Terrorism changes tourism

Europe has in the past year been rocked by an increased spate of terror attacks. As these become more frequent and widespread, uncertainty and fear have begun to take hold; nowhere is this more visible than in its most important sector—the travel industry. Isa Soares takes a look at how terrorism is influencing the way we holiday.

James Frater Media CNN Terrorism Tourism

Producer - CNN Nice Terror Attack

Bastille Day Celebrations in Nice turn into a night of terror as France suffers its third major terrorist attack in 18 months. Isa Soares reports on the atrocity that cost 84 people their lives and left hundreds injured.

James Frater Media Nice Terror Attack

Producer - CNN Dewani extradition

The British businessman Shrien Dewani, accused of ordering the murder of his new wife while on honeymoon in South Africa will appear in a Cape Town court after losing his appeal against extradition.

James Frater Media CNN Dewani Extradition