Producer - CNN Brexit Teddybears

As Brexit approaches, British businesses are becoming increasingly nervous - concerned their export markets will dry up and the domestic economy will slip into reverse gear. However, not everyone in UK industry thinks Brexit is a bad idea. The country's last remaining teddy bear maker is among those bucking the trend, and its secret for survival lies in its size.

James Frater Media Merrythought

Producer - CNN Berlin lures Britons

As Britain braces itself for Brexit, Berlin is trying to lure London's tech companies with the promise of tax breaks and perks.

James Frater Media CNN Berlin

Producer - CNN US UK Trade Deal

Prime Minister May will explore how to boost US-UK trade when she meets President Trump in Washington Friday. The new US administration has promised to put the UK at the front of the queue for a trade deal, comments British lawmakers have welcomed as the country begins the process of exiting its biggest trading partner - the EU. But, as Diana Magnay for CNN reports, an agreement with the US is far from certain and could take years to achieve.

James Frater Media CNN US UK Trade

Producer - CNN Business leaves Brexit Britain

With just two months to go before the UK kicks off its exit talks from the UK, Theresa May's government has been accused of 'muddled thinking' on Brexit and giving too few details on what it will mean. CNN International visits one family firm in the North of England that's had enough of the lack of direction and is bidding goodbye to Britain to set up shop in Europe instead.

James Frater Media Brexit Britain

Producer - CNN Last bargains before Brexit

Britons have taken to the streets to make the most of the discounts offered by retailers. A wise move according to analysts-who expect prices to rise in the New Year as the UK looks for deals and concessions ahead of Brexit. Isa Soares looks at what's in store for shoppers and retailers.

James Frate Media CNN Brexit

Producer - CNN Nissan Design Centre

In a move that saved thousands of jobs, Nissan recently confirmed it would build two new models in the UK even after the country left the EU. CNN International was give exclusive access to the company's design centre in London where Nissan's chief creative officer discussed the firm's commitment to Britain and what features its post-Brexit cars could have.

James Frater Media CNN Design

OB Producer - CNN Autumn Statement

Produced a day of lives for CNN International from Abingdon Green outside the UK Houses of Parliament as Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the government's first post-Brexit budget.

James Frater Media CNN OB Autumn Statement

Producer - CNN Brexit property boost

Following the UK's decision to the leave the EU, a weaker pound and lower asking prices is enticing international buyers back to London's high end property market. CNN visits one $30 million penthouse, that for those buying in US dollars is now $6mn dollars cheaper.

James Frater Media CNN Penthouse

Producer - CNN What Brexit?

CNN's Nina dos Santos visits Michelin starred restaurant Pied a Terre in London to find out why the Brexit has not curbed Britons appetite or their spending.

James Frater Media Brexit

Producer - CNN Money English Wines

2016 may have been the year the UK voted to leave the EU but across Southern England's growing vineyards, that hasn't spoilt the hopes for another fruitful harvest. CNN International visited the Chapel Down Winery in Kent to find out why for British vintners, Brexit doesn't necessarily mean sour grapes.

James Frater Media CNN English Wines

Producer - CNN Money Brexit boost for tourism

As the pound has weakened against the dollar in the wake of the Brexit vote, one group of people have started to cash in and bag some bargains. American tourists are flocking to the UK, many booking last minute flights, to take advantage of the exchange rate. London's new Mayor, for one, is very happy about that.

James Frater Media CNN Brexit Tourist

Producer - CNN Money Is Brexit bad for business

Six weeks after the UK Voted for a ‪Brexit‬, the Bank of England is set to vote on interest rates, perhaps cutting them for the first since the credit crunch. There have been many signs the economy is souring but how is British business faring? CNN International went to see how Brompton Bicycle is faring in today’s economic cycle.

James Frater Media CNN Brexit

Producer - CNN EU Referendum: Big vs Small Business

With a month to go before the UK faces one of the biggest decisions of its economic future, Nina dos Santos visits factory floors around the country to find out what EU membership means for business big and small -- in Britain and beyond.

James Frater Media CNN EU Referendum Business

Producer - CNN Money EU Referendumn: Ford Motors

Ford EMEA president Jim Farley sits down with CNN's Nina dos Santos about the company's investment in electric vehicles and Ford's stance on Brexit.

James Frater Media CNN Ford Motors EU Referndum

Producer - CNN Money London Games Festival

A new festival that has seen games take over London, hopes to make transform the British capital in to the centre of the world's $81 billion gaming industry.

James Frater Media London Games Festival

Producer - CNN Money First Female Master Tailor

Britain's first female master tailor has opened a shop on London's famous Savile Row as the number of women in the industry grows

James Frater Media CNN Kathryn Sargent Savile Row

Producer - CNN Money Panama Papers

A massive document leak connected to Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca allegedly links heads of state and FIFA officials to secret accounts. CNNMoney's Nina dos Santos explains.

James Frater Media CNN Panama Papers

Producer - CNN Money Shell Companies

Shell companies: where the world's richest hide their cash. Kellie Morgan explains how easy it is to set one up.

James Frater Media CNN Shell Account

Producer - CNN Tata Steel

Tata Steel, Britain's largest steelmaker, put its entire UK business up for sale to stem heavy losses. CNN's Nina dos Santos reports.

James Frater Media CNN Tata Steel

Producer - CNN Money UK Oil Bonanza

Oil is now flowing freely from a well in the south of England, just under a year since it was discovered near Gatwick airport. Sitting on a potential 124bn barrels of oil, CNNMoney's Nina dos Santos reports on the prospect of whether a "Dallas" style oil bonanza may be coming to Great Britain's countryside.

James Frater Media Oil

Producer - CNN Money Negative Interest Rates

Central Banks around the world are experimenting negative interest rates in a bid to develop their economies. With institutions battling persistent low growth and inflation, below zero borrowing costs are seen as the image of monetary policy, but as Nina dos Santos reports will it create the picture perfect economy?

James Frater Media Negative Interest Rates

Producer - CNN Money Gold glitters for investors

Poor performances on the stock exchanges and the plunging price of oil is leading investors to be drawn to the glitter of gold. To capitalise on the interest in the metal, London's oldest gold trader Sharps Pixley has opened its first one stop shop for those wishing to buy, bars, coins and even big bullion.

James Frater Media Gold

Producer - CNN Money 'Set Jetters' flock to UK

Tourists are flocking to the UK to visit locations used in 'Star Wars,' 'Harry Potter' and 'Games of Thrones,' contributing millions to the UK economy.

James Frater Media Set Jetters

Producer - CNN Money Europe's last open outcry trading floor

For 139 years the London Metal Exchange (LME) has been at the centre of the global market for base metals such as aluminium and copper, and is the only financial exchange in Europe still trading using the open outcry method.

James Frater Media London Metal Exchange

Producer - CNN Money Black Friday Backlash

Several retailers here in the UK are shunning Black Friday events this year, after their stores descended into chaos and violence in 2014. For some it was simply frenzy and the stampedes was just too much. For others the event just didn't provide enough of a profit to make it worth all the drama. But some stores are still persevering, and Isa Soares reports it's going to take some time for this U.S. export to find its place with some UK shoppers.

James Frater Media CNN Money Black Friday

Producer - CNN Money Vodafone CEO Interview

Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao sits down with CNN's Isa Soares to explain why a Brexit would be bad for his company.

James Frater Media CNN Vodafone Interview

Producer - CNN Emissions Testing

After Volkswagen admitted that they cheated on emissions tests involving about 11 million diesel vehicles, there is more scrutiny than ever on emissions testing. Governments worldwide rely on the car makers, to police themselves when it comes to emissions. CNN's Sherisse Pham visits one independent test house who says its test results are far more accurate than those found in a lab.

James Frater Media CNN Emissions Testing

Producer - CNN Gett Taxi App

In the highly competitive taxi market of the British capital, through app Gett, London's famous black cabs are fighting back Uber and are now offering fixed prices as well as substantial discounts. Isa Soares spoke to Gett CEO, Remo Gerber about how the service differentiates itself from other transport apps in London and 52 cities around the world.

James Frater Media CNN Gett Taxi app

Producer - Doomsday scenario for Oil

Oil analysts have been trying to predict just how low oil can go, with some even predicting a drop to $15 dollars a barrel. CNN's Isa Soares looks at the impact a drop like that would have.

James Frater Media CNN Oil Doomsday

Producer - CNN Money eBook trends

With more and more readers consuming their content online, today’s change of habits is re-writing the code of traditional publishing. CNN's Nina dos Santos meets one London author – tipped as the next JK Rowling- who having gathered millions of fans by self-publishing has now landed a six figure book deal with movie rights on the cards too.

James Frater Media CNN Taran Mathaaru

Producer - CNN What tourists in Greece should expect

While Greece is dealing with the latest turn in the debt crisis, what can tourists visiting the country expect? CNN's Nina dos Santos reports.

James Frater Media Greece Tourists

Producer - CNN Functional Fitness

Fitness fanatics like nothing more than changing their exercise routine. They like to be pushed, encouraged and at times even physically punished. So gyms of old-- packed with exercise bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers--are slowly being replaced by basic instruments: metal, rubber and ropes. Isa Soares has more on the rise of primal fitness.

James Frater Media Functional Fitness


Producer - CNN Zimbabwe Currency

Starting next week Zimbabweans will be able to start exchanging quadrillions of local dollars for a few U.S. dollars, as the country ditches it's virtually worthless national currency. While it marks the official dropping of the currency, transactions in the southern African nation have been made using mainly the U.S. dollar and rand of neighbouring South Africa for the last six years.

James Frater Media Zimbabwe Currency


Producer - CNN FIFA Brand Damage

In the wake of the corruption scandal Fifa needs to reform and rebuild its brand, but experts are split over how to do that. Talk of reviving the organisation's brand began immediately after long-time FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced plans to resign on Tuesday as CNN's Samuel Burke reports.

James Frater Media Fifa rebrand

Producer - CNN Prince Andrew Interview

The Duke of York's Digital Enterprise Awards scheme sees ten 14-24 year old entrepreneurs battle it out over several months for the chance to win £10,000 in funding and an opportunity to learn vital lessons from big industry to develop their budding businesses. Prince Andrew speaks to Nina dos Santos.

IMG_3118

Producer - CNN 'Flash Crash' Hearing

Court reporter for CNN as Navinder Singh Sarao, appeared before Westminster Magistrates' Court accused of illegal trading linked to the 2010 "Flash Crash".


James Frater Media

Producer - CNN UK Oil Discovery

Could the United Kingdom soon be brimming with oil? Well, an exploration firm thinks so and it says there may be up to 100 billion barrels in the South of England - close to Gatwick airport. But is the find as significant as it sounds? Isa Soares takes a look.

James Frater Media UK Oil Discovery

Producer - CNN Iran Oil Impact

CNN's John Defterios takes a look at what impact a deal in the nuclear talks could have on global oil markets in the near and medium term.

James Frater Media CNN Iran Oil Impact

Producer - CNN MSC CEO Interview

In a rare interview Diego Aponte, CEO of Mediterranean Shipping Company, tells us how 'Oscar' will be the most efficient vessel on the planet.

James Frater Media MSC Oscar

Producer - CNN MSC Oscar Arrives

The world's largest container ship docked in the UK on Monday. The vessel, if tipped up on its end, would be taller than London's Shard skyscraper. Jim Boulden reports.

James Frater Media MSC Oscar

OB Producer - CNN MSC Oscar

Producer for CNN as the world's largest container ship the MSC Oscar arrives at the Port of Felixstowe for the first time.

blog-15-03-09-msc-oscar-montage

Producer - CNN Vodafone Maternity Pay

Vodafone is rolling out a new global maternity policy offering at least 16 weeks maternity leave on full pay and reduced hours on full pay when they return.

James Frater Media Vodafone Maternity

Producer - CNN Money QE comes to the EU

ECB chief Mario Draghi: 1.1 trillion euro stimulus plan already boosting the economy

James Frater Media EU QE

Producer - CNN Jyrki Katainen Interview

With talks between Greece and EU leaders on the verge of breaking down the Vice President Jyrki Katainen says they are trying to help the Greek people.

James Frater Media Jyrki Katainen

Producer - CNN Greece Russia

Will an array of issues force Russia and Greece into each other's arms. CNN's Nina dos Santos reports.

James Frater Media Russia Greece Ties

Producer - CNN Cash Disrupters

Mobile payments are going to the next level in 2015 - from credit cards to mobiles phones to Apple Pay. Jim Boulden looks at spending in 2015.

James Frater Media Cash Disrupters

Producer - CNN Airbus CEO Interview


Producer - CNN Money Eurozone Timeline

The euro, the dream of many a politician, was established in 1992 and adopted on January 1, 1999. But in the years following it became a nightmare for many of Europe's citizens. Nina dos Santos looks at the timeline of some of the key events as the threat of another eurozone crisis looms on the horizon.

James Frater Media Euro Timeline

Writer - CNN Money London Property


James Frater Media

Writer - CNN Heathrow Passenger Numbers


James Frater Media Heathrow

Producer - CNN Money Christmas Pets


Producer - CNN Money Airbnb Troubles


Producer - CNN Jim O'Neill Interview

Economist Jim O'Neill talks about what the investments landscape of the future might look like.

James Frater Media CNN Jim O'Neil interview

OB Producer - Autumn Statement

OB Producer on CNN International's coverage of George Osborne's last Autumn Statement before the UK general election.

blog-autumn-statement-montage

Producer - CNN Money Autumn Statement


Producer - CNN Amazon Cyber Monday



Producer - CNN Money Black Friday Brawls

A quintessential American shopping event is now becoming a firm fixture on the U.K. retail calendar. Jim Boulden looks at the global spread of Black Friday.

James Frater Media CNN Black Friday


Producer - CNN Sharing Economy Model


Producer - CNN Money Jack Dorsey Interview


Producer - CNN Kampeter Interview


Producer - CNN Businesses named ISIS


Producer - CNN Money Duke of York Interview

Britain's Prince Andrew is bringing together entrepreneurs and big businesses.

James Frater Media Prince Andrew

Producer - CNN Money ECB Explainer


Producer - CNN Europe Zombie Banks

It sounds like the tag line to the latest Halloween horror movie. The Undead: They can't be saved. They can't be killed and are ready to cause the next global crisis! You'd be right to think zombies, but were you thinking zombie banks? Jim Boulden looks at the fearsome fiscal fright show that are zombie banks.

James Frater Media Zombie Banks

Producer - CNN Tesco Profits Fall


Producer - CNN Moncler CEO Interview


Producer - CNN BlackBerry PassPort


Producer - CNN Back to School Economy

Children returning to school may dread doing their maths homework, but retailers are happily doing their sums as UK parents are expected to shell out nearly £3bn on back to school items.

James Frater Media Back to School Economy

Producer - CNN Land Rover launches Discovery Sport

Land Rover's newest model the Discovery Sport is a reset for the luxury 4x4 manufacturer as it enters the compact premium market.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.38.07

Producer - CNN Lego's female scientist figures

Lego has released a set of figures called the Research Institute -- featuring a female scientist, astronomer and a palaeontologist — selling out worldwide within a few days.

James Frater Media Lego

Producer - CNN Best Burgers in London


OB Producer - Farnborough Airshow

OB Producer on three days of coverage of the Farnborough International Airshow 2014 for CNN International.


Producer - CNN Money Hilton Hotels

Hilton Executive Jim Holthouser says Hilton's new collection of independent and boutique hotels will bring a more local and authentic experience to travellers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 13.52.49

Producer - CNN Andy McNab Psychopath Interview

Former British SAS soldier Andy McNab reveals how being a psychopath can help us in work, life and love. CNN's Nina Dos Santos reports.

James Frater  Media CNN Andy McNab

Producer - CNN Larry Summers Interview


OB Producer - CNN Capitalism Conference

OB Producer for CNN International at the Inclusive Capitalism Conference at the Mansion House in Central London.

blog-capitalism-montage

Producer - CNN Falling coffee prices

Pests, rising heat, and extreme weather may impact the supply of coffee in the future, and the industry is worried.

James Frater Media CNN Falling Coffee Prices


AP - BBC Loan Sharks

Person affected by Loan Sharks
Through various charities and newspapers researched and worked up case studies of people who’s lives had been affected by loan sharks.

BBC News Website

Producer - UK Pool Mervyn King Speech

Mervyn King
Produced Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King’s speech in Brighton for UK Pool and Bloomberg

BBC News Website