Producer - CNN Money Black Friday Brawls

A quintessential American shopping event is now becoming a firm fixture on the U.K. retail calendar. Jim Boulden looks at the global spread of Black Friday.

James Frater Media CNN Black Friday



A few photos from the stampede and subsequent fights at Asda’s Black Friday event in Wembley. Good job my Public Order training is still valid, as nothing was going to get between these people and their discounted televisions.

Cameraman: Brad Cramer

Asda staff genuinely bracing the doors to keep back the crowds of shoppers

Shoppers wait outside Wembley Asda

And the stampede begins...

Shoppers surge into Asda for Black Friday deals

Asda security staff we’re trying to limit numbers to 30 shoppers at a time entering the store, but the sheer volume of people pushing to try and get in caused pile up in the doorway with many people being trampled and trod on. Also, shoes and other items we’re discarded in the melee.

James Frater Media Black Friday

To the sound track of cheerleaders cheering about bargain deals, shoppers scrapped it out on the shop floor while the world’s media watched on. All very odd for a Friday morning.

A scrum of shoppers and media in Asda for Black Friday