Producer - CNN Euro2020: The Edge

It knows where you live, what car you drive and shortly, it'll remember how you like your coffee. We're not talking about a personal assistant, but the next generation of office building. 'The Edge' in Amsterdam is the world's greenest and smartest work space.

James Frater Media CNN The Edghe

Producer - CNN Reinventing the Engine

Aquarius Engines is redesigning car engines to make them up to two or three times more fuel efficient than the average engine.

James Frater Media CNN Belgium Engine

Producer - CNN Money Return of 'Dumbphones'

People like actor Eddie Redmayne are ditching their smartphones in favour of simpler handsets. Self-styled 'dumbphone' users actually use their phones, well -- as a phones. Nina dos Santos looks at this new trend of people switching off from an increasingly connected world.

James Frater Media CNN Dumbphone

Producer - CNN Bitcoin technology for the music industry

There is little doubt downloading and streaming services have helped reinvigorate the music industry. But certainly for some artists its far harder to make a living than 20 years ago, but that might be about to change as industry experts looks to the technology behind bitcoin to create a simpler more transparent music industry.

James Frater Media CNN Blockchain music industry

Producer - CNN UK Solar Panel Farm

CNN visited a solar panel farm in the east of England to see how renewable energy can help people reduce their carbon foot print. And how, as Steve Hunter from Low Carbon explains that even when it's not sunny, the solar panels are still generating electricity - handy given the UK's weather.

James Frater Media UK Solar Farm

Producer - CNN 'No Shadow' Skyscraper

A concept for a "No Shadow Tower" was recently put forward by the London branch of NBBJ architects. The ambitious structure would be built to reflect light between two high-rises to ensure more sunlight can reach ground.

James Frater Media CNN No Shaddow Tower

Producer - CNN Baselworld Smartwatches

Baselworld is a key, trend-setting event for the watch and jewellery industry. CNN's Nina dos Santos traveled to Switzerland to see how the rise of the smart watch such as the Apple Watch is changing the luxury watch industry.

James Frater Media Baselworld Smart Watches

Producer - CNN Sir Tim Berners-Lee


Producer - CNN Most Expensive Phone


Producer - CNN 3D Printed Space Plane


Producer - CNN City within a city skyscraper

Ambitious plans for a "city in the city" skyscraper that could house apartments, offices, shops and parks to be built in London have been revealed.

James Frater Media City in the City Skyscraper

Producer - CNN Is this the world's darkest material?

A British nanotech company has created what it says is the world's darkest material. It is so dark the human eye can't discern its shape and form.

James Frater Meda Vantablack

Producer - CNN UK Space Port

Britain will launch the world's first spaceport outside the U.S., with first space tourists blasting off from the UK as early as 2018.

James Frater Media UK Space Port

Producer - CNN World's greenest skyscrapers will be pink

The world's tallest skyscrapers planned to be built in China will also be the greenest; cleaning the air and water surrounding them.

James Frater Media Green Skyscrapers

Producer - CNN Recycable Cup

Chances are if you bought your favourite coffee in a paper cup this morning, that cup cannot be recycled. But now a British inventor has developed a paper cup that can be recycled which he hopes will stop 50 billion cups a year ending up in landfill sites.

James Frater Media Recycable Coffee Cup

Producer - CNN Gadgets at London Tech Week

New gadgets go on display during London's Technology Week.

James Frater Media CNN London Technology Week

Producer - CNN UK should celebrate its technology industry

In a special interview the former CEO of TechCityUK and advisor to the British Government Benjamin Southworth says the UK needs to celebrate its vital role in the new connected world.

James Frater Media Benjamin Southworth UK Technology

Producer - CNN MH370 deep sea search robot

A piece of underwater equipment known as a ROV may solve the mystery of Malaysia Flight 370.

James Frater Media ROV Filming