Training - Kendal Adventure Film Academy

I attended the four day Adventure Film Academy as part of the Kendal Mountain Festival learning how to film and edit Adventure Sport and learning about the wider production and post-production requirements of Guerilla Film Making.

The course put into context the rapid developments in the technology used for adventure film making, and how the reduction in equipment and editing costs has changed the opportunities available for Guerrilla film makers.

Looking specifically at outdoor and adventure film making, the course looked at the progressive visual style of filming with DSLRs, Go-Pros, Digital stills cameras and even mobile phones, and what creative options are available for this style of filmmaking. It also looked at how to get the best of studio equipment (cranes, slides, etc) in an outdoor and wilderness context.

Training was conducted by Emmy award winning camera man Keith Partridge and Bafta winner Brian Hall.

Kendal Mountain Festival